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Ted Cruz Says Nothing Can Be Done About Mass Shootings, Blames Obama For Tragedy


Ted Cruz Says Nothing Can Be Done About Mass Shootings, Blames Obama For Tragedy

If you thought no one could possibly give a worse response to yesterday’s massacre in Parkland, Florida, than Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, you will change your mind when you hear what Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has to say about the horrific tragedy.

Trump, in a predictable way, gave the generic “thoughts and prayers” response while failing to call for common-sense gun control measures. Then Marco Rubio made the argument that we have to know the nuance of each particular shooter to determine how to stop them. It was the reigning champion of dumb responses until today when Ted Cruz not only fought against gun control and promoted more guns in school, he blamed Obama for the Sutherland Springs shooting in Texas last year.

Cruz started with the boilerplate “thoughts and prayers” statement. “It is truly heartbreaking and all of us, our prayers are with the families and all of those children who went through that horror,” Cruz said, echoing Trump.

he then reiterated Marco’s stance, suggesting that nothing can be done because “we don’t know right now exactly why this deranged individual did this.”

Fox and Friends Host Brian Kilmeade then asked a profoundly stupid question: “Could something like this happen in Texas?”

Kilmeade ignored the fact that four months ago Texas suffered a mass shooting when a gunman opened fire on a church, killing 25 people. And just three weeks ago, a 16-year-old boy shot a 15-year-old girl at Italy High School near Dallas Texas. And that was only one of three in Texas so far this year. Another shooting happened January 10th in Denison, Texas.

“Sure, this could happen anywhere,” he replied. “We have seen that evil could occur whether in Parkland or in a church or central Texas or in schools across the country. There are murders. Evil is sadly always present.”

Cruz then suggested that it’s up to other shooters to stop these tragedies.

“Sometimes you see brave heroes who are able to step forward and sometimes you have people like in Sutherland Springs who are armed, who can engage the killer and stop them and save people’s lives.”

Wrong. Lives were not saved in Sutherland Springs. 26 people died before a citizen–yes, an incredibly brave and heroic citizen– helped bring down the shooter. But this was a church in Texas–certainly, more people had guns.

Then the conversation turned political as the Fox and Friends hosts and Cruz complained about Democrats politicizing the tragedy.

Cruz responded by doing what Republicans do when they find themselves in a corner: attack former President Barack Obama, saying that no one is to blame for these events except for the shooters and Obama.

Not even Trump has sunk that low–yet.

Watch the video below:

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