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Teen From Powerful Political Family Faces Criminal Charges After Extremely Racist Death Threat Video Surfaces


A new report revealed this week that a 16-year-old South Carolina student has been expelled from the Cardinal Newman School, banned from the property, and faces criminal charges after he released an extremely racist and violent video of himself shooting a box of shoes representing black people.

“Howdy. I’m Parker Mustian, and I hate black people,” he can be heard saying in the video as he loads a rifle. “They’re the worst. They’re stinky and they just suck. They’re just bad people. You’ll notice over there, there’s a box of Jordans — the favorite pair of shoes for a black man. I’m gonna show you what I think of the black man.”

“F**k all n*****s,” he adds after shooting the box several times.

The report also revealed that Mustain comes from a powerful political family. In fact, he is the grandson of Richard Quinn, a legendary GOP strategist, and the son of Benjamin Mustian, a prominent Columbia attorney.

The videos went up in May, and he was expelled in mid July. Parents at Cardinal Newman were informed of the incident on Friday.

“This young man is so clearly filled with so much hate that he feels the freedom to share this publicly, in a video,” said local lawyer Annabelle Robertson. “I believe that he poses a clear and present danger, and a true threat to other students and other people.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

*warning, it’s very disturbing*

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