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Texans Say They’re ‘Going To Battle’ Trump To Stop His Border Wall: ‘Hell No! We Don’t Like This’


A new report by the Washington Post revealed just how south Texas residents feel about Donald Trump’s wall.

According to the report, many people in south Texas would have to lose part of their properties in order for Trump’s wall to be built and they are not happy at all.

According to the Post, many people in the region have no intention of letting the federal government seize their land to construct the wall, like Afghanistan war veteran Salvador Castillo of Brownsville, who received a letter from officials demanding unlimited access to and use of his land, which gradually escalated into a lawsuit.

“We were astonished,” said Castillo. “We were like, ‘Hell no!’ We don’t like this. It’s very intrusive.”

“I stopped answering the door,” said Castillo’s wife Yvette Arroyo, who said she was visited by attorneys, Border Patrol agents, and Army personnel. “Going to battle against the federal government is not something we will win. But we are not going to take this lying down.”

You can read more responses HERE.

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