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Texas Cop Fatally Shoots Black Woman As She Shouts ‘I’m Pregnant!’

A video has emerged online showing a 45-year-old black woman being shot by a police officer Monday night in Baytown, Texas, seconds after she shouted “I’m pregnant!” as she struggled to stop him from tasing her.

According to authorities, the officer was patrolling an apartment complex in the suburb of Houston when he saw a woman, identified by family as Pamela Turner, who was suspected of having an outstanding warrant. When the officer approached her and tried to arrest her, the situation quickly escalated, Baytown Police Department Lt. Steve Dorris said in a statement.

Video recorded by a witness appears to show the officer Tasing the woman, who drops to the ground. She then appears to try to grab his Taser.

“It appears that as the officer was then attempting to handcuff the female she was trying to gain control of his Taser and turned it on the officer, Tasing the officer, which forced the officer to draw his duty weapon and fire multiple rounds at the female, striking her,” Dorris said.

In the graphic video, which spread quickly online, the woman also yells that she’s pregnant multiple times.

Police don’t know who recorded the video but are seeking them as a witness.

“I’m walking! I’m actually walking to my house,” the women says in the video. She also tells the officer that he’s “harassing” her.

Police said they believed the officer was wearing a body camera but that the footage would not immediately be released during the investigation.

The officer’s name hasn’t been released, but Dorris called him an “11-year veteran” of the force.

“It’s unfortunate that somebody takes a tragic incident like this and posts it on social media,” Dorris told reporters. “It’s extremely disrespectful for everybody involved, but that’s the day and age we live in with social media.”

Witnesses said the woman was frequently seen out walking her dogs. “Sometimes you would see her, you know, get into it with people around the apartments, but nothing too, you know, bad,” Raquel Cuellar told CBS News. “It’s just, you know, just typical her. She’s not a bad person. She didn’t hurt nobody.”

Black activists posted to Facebook that the police department’s statement was an “attempt to cover their own asses by criminalizing a Black woman” and urged people to hold them accountable.

Watch the video below. Warning: The footage contains graphic and violent content.

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