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Texas GOP Attorney General Threatens Schools For Encouraging Students To Vote On Election Day

Today is election day in Texas and Republicans are growing worried as the state looks bluer than ever. According to a new report, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is threatening schools for encouraging students to vote.

According to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Paxton is accusing local school districts of “electioneering,” by encouraging students to vote and bussing them to polls.

Paxton, who was close to being indicted for securities fraud when a judge dismissed the case, insisted that students cannot be bussed to polls on election day. He sent cease-and-desist letters to the school districts and accused them of using “taxpayer resources to distribute messages to their staff and the public advocating for or against certain political candidates and measures.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, Paxton requested “all emails between superintendents and principals pertaining to voting.”

Paxton’s threat is odd as Texas has a law that requires principals to register their students to vote.

“I don’t know how it’s become such a crazy thing unless people have an agenda for not wanting people to vote,” one school board member told the Morning News.

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