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Texas GOP Candidate Left Speechless After Woman Calls Out His Racism At His Own Event: Watch

Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX), who is up for reelection this November was confronted at his own event this week after using racist language at a recent meet and greet with voters.

Olson (R) was caught on camera calling his opponent, Sri Preston Kulkarni, an “Indo-American carpetbagger” at a previous meet-up.

At another event, which was captured in the video clip below, Olson laughed with a small group of supporters after encouraging the language of Donald Trump rallies where the crowd would chant “CNN sucks.”

That’s when a woman at the event stood up to the Republican and asked why he thought it was awesome that Trump supporters chanted “CNN sucks.”

After staying quiet for a few seconds, Olson responded by saying, “Because CNN sucks. They’re liberal.”

The woman then confronted him again, only for Olson to stay quiet yet again for quite a few seconds. The republican then said, “Sometimes we have to have fun,” referring to attacking the free press.

The woman refused to give up, asking why he would use a racist slur to describe his opponent, only to have Olsen duck the question with a glib, “I didn’t mention his race. Carpetbagger’s not a race,” as a few in the crowd laughed nervously.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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