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Texas Landowners Just Ruined Trump’s Border Wall Plan

Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall along the southern border won’t happen as long as Texas landowners have something to say about it.

According to the Associated Press, if Trump plans to build a wall along the southern border he will face legal trouble with Texas landowners who are not willing to give up their land for the president’s plan.

“You could give me a trillion dollars and I wouldn’t take it,” landowner Eloisa Cavazos, who owns property along the Rio Grande river, told the AP. “It’s not about money.”

One group who is willing to put up a big fight with the Trump administration is a Roman Catholic diocese: La Lomita chapel, a historic church built in the late 1800s that still holds services today.

According to the AP, the chapel’s land is a zone the Trump administration desires to use as an enforcement zone.

The church’s pastor explained to the AP that he believes Trump’s plan for a border wall violates Catholic teachings.

“It would poison the water,” Father Roy Snipes told the AP. “It would still be a sacred place, but it would be a sacred place that was desecrated.”

Trump continues to push for his wall and has said he would stop at nothing to get it. During a meeting with Democratic leaders on Wednesday, Trump walked out of the room throwing a tantrum after they told him they would not fund his wall.

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