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A Texas Police Instructor Just Urged His Followers To Kill Anyone Removing Confederate Statues

Phil Ryan, a Texas police officer and police academy instructor posted a “public service announcement” on his Facebook page, endorsing the use of deadly force against anyone “defacing or destroying a Confederate monument or a statue.”

On his Facebook post, which he later deleted after generating public outrage, Ryan declares such an act could be considered “Criminal Mischief under the Texas Penal Code,” and cites the specific chapters in Texas law that allow for the legal use of force or deadly force.

In case there was any ambiguity, Ryan finishes his “PSA” with a concise summation, complete with a kitschy “tip” at the end.

“Bottom line, if someone is destroying a monument or statue that isn’t theirs, you can defend it by force during the day with deadly force at night. Just a little tip, from your Uncle Phil…”

After receiving an avalanche of negative comments, Ryan deleted his post. But we were able to capture a screenshot for everyone to see. You can read his entire post below:

To be clear, this is a police officer who sworn to protect and serve, and now he is calling for “legal” homicide for damaging a piece of bronze. Judging by the plethora of “libtard” reference littering his now-private Facebook page, it seems that he clearly puts his political ideologies before human life.

Leave it to a Texas cop to endorse legal justification for murder.

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