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Texas Republicans Tried Suing To Keep Dems Out Of The Midterm Ballot, But Their Plan Completely Backfired

On Monday, a Dallas judge dismissed a Republican lawsuit calling for local Democrats to be taken off the ballot in the 2018 midterm elections.

According to The Texas Tribune, Dallas County Republican Party members filed a suit to removed over 80 local Democrats from the ballot. But State District Judge Eric Moyé denied their case after claiming that Republicans lacked standing in the case.

Republicans claimed that Democrats’ county chair Carol Donovan did not sign the candidates’ ballot applications before submitting them. Democrats saw the suit as an attack from the Republican party.

According to the Texas Tribune, “Democrats dismissed the lawsuit as a partisan attack, saying Republicans aimed to win in court because they knew they could not win at the ballot box.”

“The Republican Party seems to be doing everything in its power to show minority voters that it has little regard for them at the national, state, and now local level,” state Rep. Eric Johnson (D) told The Texas Tribune.

It’s no surprise seeing Republicans pull a move like this. Many Republicans are growing concerned that they will lose control of the House and the Senate come November.

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