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So Much “Winning”! Thank You For THESE Historic Accomplishments, Trump!

Although the vast majority of Americans (and pretty much every human with common sense) have finally realized that the Trump presidency is an ongoing disaster and a quagmire of catastrophic proportions, in Donald Trump’s view, he has been “the most successful” president in history. I mean, the guy is a winner. He has done so much already that a proper “thank you” is in order.

So much winning in the domestic front!

Thanks, Mr. President, for colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton. You certainly “won” all by yourself! Thanks for giving us a secretary of education who is against education. Thanks for taking away our online privacy. Thanks for giving us dirtier air and dirtier cars. Thanks for giving us an attorney general who wants to undermine efforts to help change the culture of certain police departments. Thanks for wasting taxpayer dollars on your weekend golfing trips and profiting on the process. Thanks for giving us a Supreme Court nominee who always favors business over the individual. And did we mention Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and Kellyanned Conway?

Thank you for your reckless foreign policy and half-baked ideas that are leading us into another war! Thanks for the failed Yemen raid that killed a U.S. Navy Seal. I mean, you did it without proper intel! Thanks for bombing an empty airfield in Syria that accomplished absolutely nothing. Thanks for risking millions of lives by deploying an aircraft carrier strike group to the Korean peninsula to provoke a heavily-nuclear-armed deranged leader like yourself.

And you have managed to do all this in under 100 days. Way to go, Trump!

Thanks to you, it’s going to be a disastrous four years.

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