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That Was Awkward: Watch Pence Get Fact-Checked By PR Resident After WH Lies About Death Count

Hurricane Maria survivor from Central Puerto Rico blasted Vice President Mike Pence during his visit to the U.S. property after the Trump administration lied about the after-effects of the Hurricane.

“Don’t go to San Juan. Go inside the country, like where I live. I live in Naranjito, that’s inside the country,” Everlinda Burgos told Vice President Pence. “Right now, inside the country is where you’re going to see the disaster. Where you can’t — there’s towns you can’t go in.”

Donald Trump said during his visit that Puerto Rico should “be very proud” the death toll was only sixteen. But Burgos fact-checked that statement.

“You don’t know the people that has (sic) died there because they don’t know, they don’t have no communication. You know? So, right now they say 18 people died,” Burgos explained. “No, no, no. We have more people died. But we don’t have no communication. So, go in.”

A woman off-camera corrected, noting the death toll had been updated to thirty-four.

“Thirty-four today. Right now, that’s what they say outside,” Burgos repeated.

Pence just stood there looking embarrassed and all he could say is “good talk.”

Watch the awkward moment below:

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