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‘That’s Bullsh-t!’: John King Swears On Live TV Calling Out Trump Over His Attack On Reporter

Donald Trump lashed out at NBC News reporter Peter Alexander during a press conference on Friday, calling him a “terrible reporter.”

During a press conference on the coronavirus crisis, Alexander asked Trump, “What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?” And Trump angrily responded, “I say that you’re a terrible reporter. That’s what I say. I think it’s a very nasty question. And I think it’s a very bad signal that you’re putting out to the American people. The American people are looking for answers, and they’re looking for hope — and you’re doing sensationalism.”

That didn’t sit well with CNN’s John King, who called Trump’s attack on Alexander “bullshit.”

“What the president did to Peter Alexander is reprehensible,” King told reporter Kaitlan Collins. “The American people are looking for answers. They do want hope, they do want support. Mr. President, that was a very fair question.”

“I get (that) there are, at times, disagreements…. between politicians and reporters,” he added. “That was a 100% legitimate question with no hype, no shade, no bias. He just wanted to attack.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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