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‘That’s Trillions Of Dollars!’: Betsy DeVos Slams Democrats’ ‘Crazy’ Plans To Eliminate Student Loan Debt


‘That’s Trillions Of Dollars!’: Betsy DeVos Slams Democrats’ ‘Crazy’ Plans To Eliminate Student Loan Debt

During an interview on Fox News on Friday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos blasted Democratic proposals to eliminate student loan debt, calling them “crazy” and claiming it would cost “Trillions of dollars.”

DeVos said on “Special Report” that if the federal government forgives college loan debt, the burden would be shifted to those Americans who aren’t going to college.

“Their proposals are crazy,” she said, saying some could cost into the trillions of dollars.

“Who do they think is actually going to pay for these? It’s going to be two of the three Americans that aren’t going to college paying for the one out of three that do,” DeVos said. “Let’s look at this for what it really is: A federal takeover of higher education.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., released a plan in June that calls for all student debt to be eliminated regardless of family income level, and that students from families with incomes of $25,000 or less would have their college costs covered.

The plan would be paid for with a tax on stock trades, bonds, derivatives and other types of investments. The Vermont lawmaker called the plan “a revolutionary proposal.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said she plans to cancel $50,000 in student debt for each person with household incomes under $100,000.

DeVos also rejected a claim by Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers, who claimed President Trump is not properly supporting the public education system.

“The Trump administration is not doing anything on public education,” Weingarten said. “We have to make sure public schools are well-funded and we have to make sure that they have the resources they need so that every child has a shot in public school.”

DeVos said people can’t do “the same thing over and over again and [be] expecting different results.”

“The pivot that we need to make is a dramatic one,” she said. “It is to really allow for education freedom — for parents and students to find the right fit to prepare them for their futures.”

Watch the interview below, via Fox News.

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