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The Alan Dershowitz-Epstein Pedophile Scandal Just Took a Turn For The Worse

Disgraced lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who notoriously defended President Donald Trump’s “grab them by the p-ssy” comments and represented financier convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein back when he was arrested on child prostitution charges, keeps digging himself into a hole.

Dershowitz helped Epstein secure a one-year sentence in 2008, with a no-prosecution agreement going forward. Epstein is now accused of trafficking and pimping hundreds of underage girls.

It turns out, Dershowitz himself may have been involved as well.

As reported by the Miami Herald, Dershowitz received massages at Epstein’s Florida mansion, among other claims. And, according to The Cut, Virginia Roberts Giuffre says that at 17, she was trafficked by Epstein to Dershowitz. She says they eventually had sex six times.

So, when caught in a pedophilia scandal, what did Dershowitz do? He went on Twitter and argue the age of consent should be lowered to 16. seriously.

“I stand by the constitutional (not moral) argument I offered in my controversial oped: if a 16 year old has the constitutional right to have an abortion without state or parental interference, how could she not have the constitutional right to engage in consensual sex?” he tweeted late Monday.

Dersh was responding to an unearthed op-ed where he called statutory rape an “outdated” concept.

Twitter users were quick to respond and it wasn’t pretty.

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