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‘The Apprentice’ Tapes Showing Trump Saying The ‘N-Word’ Exist And Ronan Farrow Has Them: Report

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman announced in her book that was released earlier this month that Donald Trump used the N-word while filming “The Apprentice” and claimed that there were recordings of it.

Now, according to Page Six, those tapes are the possession of investigative journalist Ronan Farrow.

According to the report, the tapes show Trump using the N-word and calling his son Eric Trump an R-Word.

Page Six also reported that actor Tom Arnold confronted “The Apprentice” producer Mark Burnett on Sunday night during an Emmy Awards party urging him to release the tapes.

Burnett claimed that Farrow “had possession” of the tapes.

“Discussing last night’s incident with a group of party attendees, we hear an excited Arnold was asked if he actually had any Apprentice tapes of Trump and answered in the affirmative. He said they had been “handed over” to New Yorker journalist Farrow on Sunday,” Page Six reported.

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