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The Associated Press Just Destroyed Trump By Fact-Checking All His Lies, He’s Livid


The Associated Press Just Destroyed Trump By Fact-Checking All His Lies, He’s Livid

On Monday the Associated Press decided to fact-check Donald Trump‘s weekend tweets and came to the conclusion that he cannot be trusted to provide accurate information during a terrorist attack.

According to AP, Trump “got ahead of the facts” during the London Bridge terror attack that left seven dead and nearly 50 people wounded.

Trump retweeted a tweet from the conservative media outlet Drudge Report that read:

“Fears of new terror attack after van ‘mows down 20 people’ on London Bridge.”

After he posted a tweet of his own urging U.S. courts to validate his travel ban that keeps people coming from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.

AP noted that the country of origin of the London attackers is not yet known and argued that Trump cannot use the attack as an excuse to instate his travel ban.

They also went on to point out that although the Trump administration has stressed that it’s not a “ban” Trump himself called it just that.

“Trump’s tweet directly contradicted an earlier statement by his homeland security secretary that the travel restrictions blocked by U.S. courts do not constitute a ban,” the AP said.

AP also criticized Trump for attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan and mischaracterizing his statements to the people of London following the attack.

Khan said in a BBC interview that the “threat level remains at severe” but that there is “no need to be alarmed” at the heavier-than-usual police presence in the streets.

AP also pointed out that Trump mislead people to believe that a shooting that took place at a casino in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which left nearly 40 dead, was a terrorist attack. But in fact, the attacker was motivated by gambling debt.

But AP did not stop there, they went on to prove Trump’s statement saying that he was “elected to represent Pittsburgh, not Paris,” was in fact a lie also.

“That may be so, but Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, is not Trump country,” AP said. “It voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Hillary Clinton in November, favoring her by a margin of 56 percent to Trump’s 40 percent.”

They also called him out for lying about job growth under his administration.

“The number is about right, but it in no way counts as ‘absolutely tremendous economic progress,’ ” the AP said. “Private-sector job creation from October through April (171,000 private-sector jobs a month) actually lags just slightly behind the pace of job creation for the previous six months (172,000), which came under President Barack Obama.”

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