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The Attack On The Media Continues, Trump Jr Retweets Video Of Trump Shooting Down ‘CNN’ In Fighter Jet

Donald Trump Jr. is on the same boat as his father when it comes to attacking the free press. On Saturday, Donald Trump’s son retweeted a video of the President shooting down a ‘CNN’ fighter jet.

“One of the best I’ve seen,” the younger Trump wrote in a tweet, which included laughing emojis and American flags.

This is one of many videos portraying Trump attacking CNN, which is something that he seems to do on a daily basis now.

The memes began after a video was posted on Reddit last week that showed Trump wrestling someone with the CNN logo on their head.

Trump’s oldest son has been hammering the network this week over reports that it threatened to publish the identity of a Reddit user who created the video that went viral after the president shared it on Twitter.

CNN denied the accusation that it “blackmailed or coerced” the Reddit user when it said it reserved the right to identify him.

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