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The Clock Is Ticking, NYT Columnist Says It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before ‘Individual 1’ Goes To Prison

Donald Trump is looking at 2020 as a lifesaver according to New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg who said that the presidency is the only thing holding Trump from being put behind bars.

“Now to the indictment threat looming over Donald Trump and the epic political clash it could produce,” MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian said. “Trump may also have committed a felony, but Justice Department guidance maintains sitting presidents cannot be indicted, leading some to speculate the indictment will come after trump leaves office.”

Vossoughian cited a column written by Goldberg.

“There’s simply no way around it — as long as Individual-1 is on the ticket, the 2020 election is set to be a banana republic-style death match,” Goldberg wrote.

“Banana republic-style death match?” Vossoughian asked.

“Right,” Goldberg replied. “Granted, I think it was probably going to be something close to that, regardless.”

“So Donald Trump in 2020 could be facing a situation where he either wins re-election, or goes to jail,” she noted.

“So we have this crazy situation where the president has — again, according to his own Justice Department — committed a felony, he can’t be prosecuted as long as he’s president, if he stops being president, that immunity runs out,” Goldberg explained. “If he wins re-election, he can run out the clock on the statute of limitations.”

“Just imagine, as lawless and unconstrained as this president has been, imagine what he would do when the stakes for him are that high,” she added.

Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Ackerman noted that “there’s one way the Department of Justice could get around that, and that is by filing a sealed indictment within the statute of limitations.”

“Now, that doesn’t mean that this would necessarily be announced to the public, sealed indictments normally are not announced,” Ackerman said.

“We wouldn’t even know if it was going on?” Vossoughian asked.

“That’s right,” Ackerman responded.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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