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The Day His Wife Broke The Law, George Conway Took To The WaPo To Completely Destroy ‘Racist’ Trump

On Monday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway decided to defy a Congressional subpoena and did not show up at a House Oversight hearing. While she was breaking the law, her husband, George Conway, took to the Washington Post to write a scathing op-ed denouncing Donald Trump over his extremely racist attack against multiple Democratic Congresswomen of color.

Conway first explained how he avoided thinking of Trump as a racist, despite the president’s actions.

“No, I thought, President Trump was boorish, dim-witted, inarticulate, incoherent, narcissistic and insensitive. He’s a pathetic bully but an equal-opportunity bully — in his uniquely crass and crude manner, he’ll attack anyone he thinks is critical of him. No matter how much I found him ultimately unfit, I gave still him the benefit of the doubt about being a racist. No matter how much I came to dislike him, I didn’t want to think that the president of the United States is a racial bigot,” he explained.

But he then went on to admit that he has no doubt in his mind that the president is an “outright racist.”

“But Sunday left no doubt. Naivete, resentment and outright racism, roiled in a toxic mix, have given us a racist president. Trump could have used vile slurs, including the vilest of them all, and the intent and effect would have been no less clear,” Conway argued.

“Telling four non-white members of Congress — American citizens all, three natural-born — to “go back” to the “countries” they “originally came from”? That’s racist to the core. It doesn’t matter what these representatives are for or against — and there’s plenty to criticize them for — it’s beyond the bounds of human decency,” he declared.

“What’s just as bad, though, is the virtual silence from Republican leaders and officeholders. They’re silent not because they agree with Trump. Surely they know better,” he hoped.

“Trump is not some random, embittered person in a parking lot — he’s the president of the United States. By virtue of his office, he speaks for the country. What’s at stake now is more important than judges or tax cuts or regulations or any policy issue of the day. What’s at stake are the nation’s ideals, its very soul,” he concluded.

The entire piece can be read HERE.

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