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The GOP Conspiring Plan To Delay Investigations Into The Trump Family: Report

A new report by the Daily Beast’s Spencer Ackerman noted on Saturday that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has yet to appoint any new Republican members to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which is holding Democratic member from investigating Donald Trump and his family members.

According to the report, Democrats have already filled all their seats on the committee, while Republicans have only assigned one and have yet to offer up members of his party to fill the spots. This delays investigations into Trump and his associates.

When asked about when the spots would be ready, Matt Sparks, a spokesperson for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said “that will be announced when it is ready,” refusing to explain the delay.

Stating that Democrats have not accused McCarthy of intentionally hindering their work, Ackerman writes, “Committee Democrats suspect others of having lied or otherwise giving them misleading testimony. One, identified by Connecticut Democrat Jim Himes, is Erik Prince, the founder of mercenary company Blackwater. (Some on the panel want several witnesses back for additional testimony, including Donald Trump Jr., while stopping short of saying those others lied as well.)”

The entire report can be read HERE.

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