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The GOP Is Putting An Actual Nazi To Run In Congressional Race



The GOP Is Putting An Actual Nazi To Run In Congressional Race

Arthur Jones, who is a Holocaust denier and an actual Nazi, is running for Congress again after failing in 2018.

Jones, who managed to get 26 percent of the votes back in 2018, will be Running as a Republican in Chicago’s 3rd congressional district, according to CBS Chicago.

His opponent in the upcoming 2020 race will be fellow Republican Mike Fricilone.

Jones’ website, which hasn’t been recently updated, rails against immigrants and demands that English be made America’s “official language,” and claims that “any two-legged vagabond from any Third-world, non-white, or non-Christian country is given preference whether they arrived legally or illegally. Either, learn America’s language, our culture, and respect our laws or get out of our country.”

Despite being openly anti-Semitic and flat out racist, Jones managed to get more than a fourth of the votes when he first ran.

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