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The Guy Trump Nominated As a Judge Apparently Loves The KKK

A new investigative report has revealed that federal judge nominee Brett Talley defended the Ku Klux Klan in a message board on under the nickname BamainBoston.

According to Slate, BamainBoston —who is reportedly Talley— often opined on controversial issues, including race, abortion, perceived federal overreach, and Southern heritage. In one post, he defended the honor of the early Ku Klux Klan.

In a 2011 thread, one user posted about a Mississippi proposal to put Forrest on their license plate, expressing incredulity that the state would want to “honor someone who served as the first KKK Grand Wizard.”

In response, user BamianBoston responded with what Slate calls “factually dubious” history surrounding Forrest.

“Heaven forbids we let the facts get in the way of your righteous indignation, but Forrest, when he decommissioned his men, told them to make peace with the men they had fought lived live as good citizens of the United States,” BamianBoston wrote. “It was only after the perceived depredations of the Union army during reconstruction that Forrest joined (it is highly unlikely that he founded or acted as the Grand Wizard) the first KKK, which was entirely different than the KKK of the early 19th Century.”

“When the Klan turned to racial violence, he distanced himself from the organization as he had long supported the reconciliation of the races,” the user continued. “In fact, he often spoke to black organizations.”

As the report notes, Forrest did order his men to follow the Union’s laws after the Civil War — but the rest of his claims appear incorrect. It also leaves out the 1864’s Fort Pillow massacre, “when Forrest led his troops to a mass slaughter of black soldiers.” Although it’s unclear whether the general “permitted the indiscriminate killing,” he did later say “that these facts will demonstrate to the Northern people that n*gro soldiers cannot cope with Southerners.”

When this comment was made in 2011, Talley was a court clerk for Judge Joel Dubina in the 11th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Talley, 36, is an Alabama lawyer and ghosthunter who has never tried a case and who failed to disclose to the Senate that he is married to a Trump’s state Department lawyer.

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