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The Internet Bashes Trump After He Praises North Korea For Giant Military Parade

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday morning where he took the time to quote Fox News and claim that North Korea’s latest military parade is a sign that they have begun the denuclearization process.

As part of the 70th anniversary, North Korea decided to celebrate with a giant military parade that excluded nuclear weapons.

Trump took to Twitter and claimed that that was a sign of peace because Fox News said so. The U.S. president tweeted:

“North Korea has just staged their parade, celebrating 70th anniversary of founding, without the customary display of nuclear missiles. Theme was peace and economic development. ‘Experts believe that North Korea cut out the nuclear missiles to show President Trump its commitment to denuclearize.‘ @FoxNews This is a big and very positive statement from North Korea. Thank you To Chairman Kim. We will both prove everyone wrong! There is nothing like good dialogue from two people that like each other! Much better than before I took office.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to Trump’s tweet.

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