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The Internet Brutally Shreds Trump To Pieces After His Twitter Meltdown Over ‘Garbage’ Dossier

On Tuesday morning, President Trump lashed out at the FBI and Hillary Clinton over the Russia dossier compiled against him and his 2016 campaign.

“WOW, @foxandfriends ‘Dossier is bogus. Clinton Campaign, DNC funded Dossier. FBI CANNOT (after all of this time) VERIFY CLAIMS IN DOSSIER OF RUSSIA/TRUMP COLLUSION. FBI TAINTED,'” Trump wrote on Twitter. “And they used this Crooked Hillary pile of garbage as the basis for going after the Trump Campaign!” Trump tweeted, the latest in his ongoing smear on the FBI.”

The dossier, a compilation of opposition research against the 2016 Trump campaign, was partly funded by Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. It included several incendiary claims against Trump and his campaign that have loomed around his presidency.

BuzzFeed News published the controversial dossier in January, which includes many salacious claims against the president.

While some of the allegations that have not been verified, the FBI has corroborated some of the most serious claims in the controversial document.

Trump has targeted the FBI in recent weeks for what he calls a “witch hunt.”

Read his tweet and some of the responses below:

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