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The Internet Is Trying To Figure Out Why Kellyanne Conway Looks So Terrible


The Internet Is Trying To Figure Out Why Kellyanne Conway Looks So Terrible

Kellyanne Conway was on Fox News last night defending Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, and she really looked terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I have no opinion one way or another about her appearance, but she surely looks like hell these days.

Some internet users are attributing the shockingly rapid deterioration of Conway’s facial features to the lack of sleep and possible substance abuse. Others have different theories:

One user suggested that she has “completely sold her soul to the devil” by speaking on behalf of the Trump administration, saying that “it has to be frustrating and mentally exhausting to have a job where you have to get on national TV and all you do is lie, and have to make up answers real quick to divert from the truth.”

“If she were smart she would have banked her money and left after the election, but now she is slowly deteriorating and it is going to get worst,” one user wrote.

“She looks like your typical blonde Aryan heavy-jawed tramp from Faux News,” another user joked.

Some comments were brutal:

“Kellyanne Conway was in her fricking forties a couple months ago and she looks like she’s been run over by a monster truck on her good days when she’ prepped for the cameras.”

People even suggested God was punishing Conway for her lies:

“What example is she setting for her children in taking a job where you get paid for being dishonest. God does not like ugly. She will reap what she sowed.”

What is your theory? Let us know your thought in the comments section below.

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