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The LA Times Makes Compelling Case As To Why Trump Will Be Impeached: ‘We’ve Seen Enough!’


The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times called for the impeachment of Donald Trump on Saturday in a scathing op-ed underlining everything the president has done during his tenure that is impeachable.

The paper’s board, in a piece titled “We’ve seen enough. Trump should be impeached,” argued that the evidence produced during the House’s probe is “more than sufficient to persuade us that he should be impeached.”

The op-ed does not that while impeachment might reach the Senate, the Republican-led chamber will likely stop it in its tracks.

“But those concerns must yield to the overwhelming evidence that Trump perverted U.S. foreign policy for his own political gain,” the board stated. “That sort of misconduct is outrageous and corrosive of democracy. It can’t be ignored by the House, and it merits a full trial by the Senate on whether to remove him from office.”

The board specifically expressed concerns that Trump was “abusing his office, apparently to obtain a benefit for himself.”

You can read more of the editorial HERE.

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