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‘The Least Racist System’: Fox Contributor Goes Off The Rails Explaining Why We Don’t Need Criminal Justice Reform


Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy lashed out on Monday while attempting to defend the criminal justice system in the United States by claiming that it is the “least racist system we have in the country.”

McCarthy’s comments came during a panel discussion about justice reform proposals from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who called to curb incarceration rates and root out institutional racism.

“It’s a funny thing, I worked in the justice system for a long time,” McCarthy said. “I think it’s the least racist system that we have in the country, if that’s possible.”

“We are a country that’s done a lot to root out racism because of the prior history of it but if you’ve been in the criminal justice system,” he continued, “it is dominated the most part by judges and lawyers who are products of left-leaning educational institutes.”

He added: “There’s a lot of things you can say about them but the idea that they are racist is absurd and the idea that they would be presiding over a system that is endemically racist is equally absurd.”

Maybe it’s because he worked in the system himself, or maybe it’s because he is racist, but McCarthy’s comments are flat out wrong. In fact, a number of studies have confirmed that the criminal justice system is racist.

Take a look at his comments in the video clip below:

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