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Melania’s Stay In NYC Costs Nearly As Much As Trump’s Budget Cuts


Melania’s Stay In NYC Costs Nearly As Much As Trump’s Budget Cuts

From an extremely reckless budget which calls for dramatic cuts to vital programs for children, the elderly, minorities, to the massive amount of money being spent to keep Melania Trump in New York City instead of the White House, it’s clearly evident that Donald Trump doesn’t really care about putting money where it needs to be.

The Trump administration’s cruel budget plans for the immediate suspension of meals on wheels, after school meals for children because they don’t see a lack of children’s hunger having much effect on standardized testing, for the elimination of all public broadcasting like PBS and NPR, the national endowment for arts, and will dramatically cut the EPA, the DOT, and the State department.

And while American taxpayers try to figure out how much of a hellhole we’ll be living in with those draconian cuts to Federal Programs that assist the most vulnerable members of our society, here’s a bit of info that is sure to make a lot of people angry:

Currently, the First Lady is choosing to live in New York City, apart from her husband, purportedly because she wants her son to continue his schooling in the city. While that doesn’t sound that major, the massive costs of keeping the first family safe in the middle of NYC are MASSIVE.

As Ring of Fire’s Sydney Robinson states:

“If Melania Trump moved out of her New York City home, took little Barron out of his special private school, and moved into the White House where she belongs, we – as a nation – could save about 182 million dollars a YEAR.”

All that isn’t to mention the amount of money Trump costs taxpayers as he flies down nearly every weekend to stay at his Mar – A – Lago resort where he makes a profit on every visit.

I mean, do you remember how much Republicans hemmed and hawed about Obama’s annual trip to Hawaii? Compared to the cost of keeping Melania in her golden castle in New York when a perfectly good mansion is waiting in D.C., Obama’s vacations were practically weekends at a Motel 8.

The GOP and Donald Trump’s clear disregard for the welfare of those living in this country is beyond appalling.

While Trump is calling for deep cuts in social programs for the poor, Taxpayers pay for his family lavish lifestyle. It is absolutely clear that Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

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