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The New Healthcare Law That Will Rise Over TrumpCare… BernieCare. TAKE A LOOK!


The New Healthcare Law That Will Rise Over TrumpCare… BernieCare. TAKE A LOOK!

Donald Trump and his Republican friends have recently come up with a new care act that they want to replace the Affordable Care Act with, called the American Health Care Act or “TrumpCare.”

Bad news for them is that not many people are on board with their new plan. The interesting thing about the whole situation is that there is anger and rage on the right against TrumpCare. Not even his supporters are on board with the new plan.

TrumpCare is set to fail because it’s designed to hide the fact that Trump and congressional Republicans would turn even more power to insurance companies that profit from raising costs and lowering benefits to customers.

But according to a report by Brent Budowsky of The Hill, there’s another plan that he refers to as “BernieCare” that will take over.

The real healthcare reform that is needed is the single-payer healthcare system and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was the only presidential candidate in either party to speak out about it in the 2016 campaign.

But this doesn’t mean BernieCare will be taking over ObamaCare. The ACA has provided millions of people with coverage, from people with preexisting conditions to children being covered under the insurance policies of their parents.

What BernieCare will do is fix the problems that people were having with Obamacare.

“Under BernieCare, healthcare would be a right for all Americans to enjoy, not merely a profit center for giant insurance companies or Big Pharma.

“Under BernieCare, the highly popular and brilliantly successful Medicare would be the model for a Medicare-for-all system that would shift power to consumers and patients, universalize insurance coverage and lower insurance premiums and drug costs for customers.”

TrumpCare is set to fail as Republicans know that the numbers will add up to a disaster for customers that will raise the deficit for the nation.

If by any chance TrumpCare does pass, there will be an electoral revolution against Republicans in 2018 and 2020 elections as voters feel the pain from the GOP plan.

But if it fails, the GOP will have to blame themselves for spending seven years wanting to repeal a program that was helpful to millions of Americans without having an alternative to replace it.

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