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The NRA Falls In Deep Hole As Senate Intelligence Calls On Them To Hand Over Russia Connection Documents: Report

A new report revealed on Friday that the Senate Intelligence Committee is now demanding that the National Rifle Association (NRA) hand over documents related to its connections to the Russian government.

According to The Daily Beast, the documents that have been demanded by the committee include materials that relate to a 2015 trip that the pro-gun group’s top executives, including Trump-loving former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, attended.

The connections are being explored after Kremlin operative Maria Butina was indicted. Butina had “sought to use guns as a lever to tilt the Republican Party in a pro-Kremlin direction, creating a political firestorm for the NRA in the wake of her arrest.”

The report also stated that if Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives, the intelligence committee there will also open an investigation into the NRA’s ties to Russia.

The entire report can be read HERE.

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