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The NY Post Just Brilliantly Trolled Trump With Their Shortest Editorial Ever

With his latest misogynist and childish Twitter attack on Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, Donald Trump finally managed to do something unprecedented in modern U.S. history: nearly the entire national news media, including the often pro-Trump Fox News, have come together to condemn the president’s despicable behavior.

Now, The New York Post has waded into the controversy. The conservative newspaper just published a three world editorial trolling Trump over his inexcusable behavior.

The article, entitled “On Trump’s Tweets,” is composed of just three words: “Stop. Just Stop.”


The short editorial sends a powerful message, mirroring what many Americans – both Democrats and Republicans – are feeling right now. Trump must stop behaving like an ignorant reality show orange clown feuding with anyone who doesn’t praise his carnival barking.

Please share this post if you agree that Trump should focus more on running the country, and less on making up lies about women and launching petty insults at people he doesn’t like.

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