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The Resistance Continues: ‘Day Without A Woman’ Strike To Take Place This Week


The Resistance Continues: ‘Day Without A Woman’ Strike To Take Place This Week

Trump attacked women throughout his campaign, including multiple attacks on his competition Hillary Clinton. He has also been charged with sexual assault by multiple women. And lastly, tapes revealed that Trump gloated about sexually harassing women just because he’s rich.

As a result of all this a Women’s March took place the day after his inauguration that was a complete success. The march was the largest protest in US history.

Now women will be taking a day off to show the importance of women in this country.

Wednesday’s protest has been gaining steam nationally. All schools in the Alexandria, Va. city school district near Washington, D.C. will be closed due to limited staff, since more than 300 had requested the day off.

Schools in Chapel Hill-Carrboro, N.C., will also be closed because of absences from staff, which is 75 percent female.

Another important group of women that will be taking part in the protest are House Democratic women who plan to stage a symbolic walkout from the House floor Wednesday afternoon.

The women plan on wearing red, as suggested by the strike’s organizers.

“I think it’s important women in Congress show our solidarity,” Frankel told The Hill in an interview Tuesday.

Wednesday’s walkout comes after Frankel organized her fellow Democratic women to wear white, the official color of the suffragette movement, to President Trump’s Congressional address last week.

“I cannot walk down any place in my town without people stopping me with severe anxiety about President Trump,” Frankel said. “There is so much anxiety and so much energy. Constituents want to know that they have representatives who are fighting back for them.”

Wednesday’s protest, she said, is a way there can be “peaceful outlets for their anxiety until we get to another election.”

A similar event took place last month. “A Day Without Immigrants,” which led many restaurants to close down due to the lack of staff members.

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