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The View Hosts Slam ‘Shameful’ Ivanka For Crashing John McCain’s Funeral: ‘Who Does That?’

On Tuesday, “The View” panel did not include Meghan McCain but it didn’t stop her co-hosts to lash out at Ivanka Trump for showing up at her father’s funeral.

Shortly before his passing, Sen. John McCain wrote a letter banning Donald Trump from appearing or getting anywhere near his funeral. Trump didn’t show up, but he did send his daughter and her husband Jared Kushner to attend, a move that caused a backlash.

“I spoke to Meghan about this, I think the invite came from (Sen.) Lindsey Graham,” said Abby Huntsman, who was making her debut on The View after leaving her post at Fox News. “Look, I’m sure they had final approval of everything. If they had it their way, as was evident in the tone of the funeral, they probably would rather not have had anyone from the Trump family present. They still showed up.”

Host Sunny Hostin shamed Ivanka and Kushner for accepting the invitation that didn’t come directly from the McCain family.

“They should not have been there,” Hostin said. “Who crashes a funeral? You just don’t do that. I thought it was shameful that they were there, I really do. I stand by that.”

“Maybe she should resign,” Hostin added, as the audience began cheering. “Maybe they both should resign. Maybe they should stop making money off the presidency.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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