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The View Hosts Tear Meghan McCain To Shreds After She Said Clinton Was Just As Bad As Trump

On Wednesday, The View hosts were arguing whether former President Bill Clinton was just as bad as Donald Trump for having an affair while in office.

Joy Behar reminded people of Clinton’s scandal.

“I remember when the Lewinsky scandal occurred because we were working here,” Behar said. “When we heard what had gone down, pardon the expression, in the Oval Office, when we heard about what happened there, and it was the most shocking thing we had ever heard.”

Behar then claimed that the only comparison that can be made between the two presidents is just that. But that Trump has done a lot worse.

“Clinton bears a tremendous responsibility for a lot of what we were talking about in the first segment, in my opinion,” Behar said. “Saying that, I still voted for him.”

That’s when Meghan McCain stepped in and argued that whoever voted for Clinton is just as bad as those who voted for Trump.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “How is that different than a Trump voter still voting for them after the grab them in the ‘blank’? People make moral compromises with things like this related to sex.”

“Bill Clinton was on the right side in many ways,” Behar responded. “He did not denigrate people’s handicaps, he did not denigrate your father, the United States military, people who had children who died in wars — he was not of that ilk. That’s the part of Trump that I don’t get why anybody supports him. It’s not really only his language.”

McCain then responded saying:

“Let me just say something really quick. I wanted — I was fascinated by feminists in the ’90s take on this.”

McCain went on to quote journalist Nina Burleigh, who said in 1998 that she would have an affair with Clinton to thank him for keeping abortion legal.

“Sex, for me, sadly, at this point isn’t the No. 1 issue I vote for for president,” McCain said. “You’re talking about someone who said in 1998, I care about being pro-choice, and I’ll let this go. So I just don’t think it’s that different from Trump supporters.”

That’s when host Whoopi Goldberg gave her two cents.

“Everybody’s missing the point,” Goldberg said. “You know who really has gotten her behind kicked on this?”

“Monica Lewinski,” Hostin said, and McCain agreed.

“No,” Goldberg said. “Hillary Clinton. Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, whatever you think of her, she has been dragged through the dirt.”

McCain then accused Hillary Clinton of being complicit in her husband’s behavior.

“I don’t know what people say in their books, what I know is if they were complicit, that’s their marriage and that’s what they do,” Goldberg said. “But this man (Trump) dragged those women out and had them sitting there during the debate. You know, this is the woman that goes through it every day, every day from both sides — left and right.”

“The person that gets dragged up every time is her,” she added.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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