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The Washington Post Got The Exclusive With Bannon, His Answers Are Quite Disturbing… YIKES!

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is not someone many would consider a nice guy. During a rare interview with The Washington Post, Bannon spoke about how he got to become a nationalist adviser to President Trump.

“I have lived all over the world, worked all over the world, financed with great partners all over the world,” Bannon said. “I’m not some angry guy sitting there. I think I have a pretty good feel for the direction of Europe, Asia and the United States, almost 40 years of experience.”

Bannon is quite a controversial figure. He used to run a website which he himself called the “platform of the alt-right.” Which brought many to think: ‘Why would he be the president’s chief strategist?’

His way of thinking has lead many to believe that he is a white supremacists. But Bannon has a different point of view of himself and it’s quite frightening.

You can read up on the whole interview here.

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