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The White House Just Came Up With The Most Ridiculous Excuse About The Hacked Pence Emails


The White House Just Came Up With The Most Ridiculous Excuse About The Hacked Pence Emails

With a new controversy hitting the Trump administration just about every week it’s beginning to look like a routine thing. The Indianapolis Star reported Thursday that Mike Pence routinely used a private email account to conduct public business as governor of Indiana.

After the news surfaced to the public the White House responded Friday, saying that it’s unfair to compare Pence’s use of private email to Hillary Clinton’s use of private email.

“It was an apples to oranges comparison,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters aboard Air Force One.

“He was a governor, not a federal employee, which means the laws are different,” she continued. “He did everything to the letter of the law in Indiana, turned all his emails over unlike Hillary Clinton, at least 30,000 on her private server and classified information was found.”

Pence had tweeted on October 28, 2016 that “[Donald Trump] and I commend the FBI for reopening an investigation into Clinton’s personal email server because no one is above the law.”

But will this be investigated further?

Pence for more than 18 months has been fighting a lawsuit seeking to force him to release Indiana emails the suit contends should be public record.

Nick Merril, Clinton’s former press secretary, pointed out the hypocrisy in a Tweet.

“I look forward to the righteous indignation, wild claims, and multiple investigations into this,” Merril wrote Thursday night.


In conclusion, Pence stated that “no one is above the law,” but now the White House is saying that his emails aren’t a big deal and are nothing compared to Clinton’s.

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