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These Veterans Just Blasted Trump With Open Letter


These Veterans Just Blasted Trump With Open Letter

Donald Trump, just days before being sworn in as the president of the United States, received a letter from U.S. veterans. The letter explains how appalled they are by the incoming president’s attacks on our country’s intelligence.

Donald Trump and his transition team spent the first month after the election denying that Russia intervened with the election and after U.S. intelligence confirmed it, they denied that it was to help Trump win the election.

Donald Trump even put his trust on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange over the evidence found by U.S. intelligence.

The veterans responsible for the letter, Alan Wayland US Army Veteran (Army Security Agency, U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service), Alex Sheafe US Army Veteran (Military Intelligence Corps), and Allen Gillin US Army Veteran (Army Counter-intelligence), thought Trump had taken it too far after attacking U.S. intelligence. They sent the President-elect this letter:

Dear Mr. President-elect,

In just days, you will take the presidential oath of office. Yet, in recent days, you have kept up your malicious attacks aimed at de-legitimizing our intelligence community. As those who all served with military or civilian intelligence, we are appalled.

Let us be perfectly blunt with you, sir: Every single day, intelligence officers and officials put their lives on the line, and many lose their lives, to help protect your right to tweet smears against them. But just because you have that right, doesn’t mean you should use it. It is beneath the dignity of the office you are about to assume, to engage in the belittling of intelligence officials.

You are no longer a candidate, who can get away with sliming prisoners of war, Gold Star families, and intelligence officers. You are about to take an office that has been held by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and other men of dignity. All of them faced attacks from political opponents, at some point. None of them responded by belittling the people who risk their lives for this nation.

Live up to the ideal they set. Live up to the awesome responsibility with which you are being entrusted.

Stop attacking the good men and women who risk a great deal to keep us safe.

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