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‘They Are Not Fit To Serve’: Prominent Conservative Calls For The Ouster Of GOP Lawmakers Who Defend Trump’s Invitation For Foreign Meddling

“They are not fit to serve.” Those are the words of conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin who called out Republicans who have not and will not condemn Donald Trump’s comments inviting foreign governments to interfere in the upcoming 2020 election.

Writing for the Washington Post, Rubin demanded that a congressional statement be released condemning Trump’s comments.

Under a blunt “What to do about a disloyal president and a party that supports him” headline, the conservative Rubin called Trump’s comments, “a statement of intent, what he will do if allowed to remain in office.”

Once again encouraging House Democrats to conduct impeachment hearings on Trump, the conservative commentator also pushed for lawmakers to immediately stop Trump in his tracks with a two-pronged strategy.

“First, it must pass legislation criminalizing such conduct. The law should explicitly make it illegal to accept opposition research from a foreign government or agent of a foreign government and must require notification to the FBI of any offer of such help. Dare the Republicans to vote against it, to put them on the side of disloyalty and renunciation of U.S. sovereignty,” she wrote.

“Second,” she continued. “Without precluding impeachment for this or other conduct, the House should pass a resolution condemning the welcoming of interference, reaffirming the obligation to report such conduct, explaining the necessity of protecting the American people’s right to pick their own leaders (can you believe such a statement is needed?) and setting forth the danger of such influence-peddling schemes that reduce anyone stupid enough to take such a meeting as a pawn of a foreign action.”

Finally, according to Rubin, the failure of GOP lawmakers to step forward is a sign that they are not fit to hold office.

“Of course, Republicans will excuse Trump, evade the issue, blur the distinction between opposition from a foreign power and domestically sourced opposition, and once more enable his wrongdoing,” she lectured. “That attitude likely precludes forcing him out of office before the election, but it fully justifies — in fact demands — his and any Republican incumbents’ removal in the election.”

“They have aligned themselves with the United States’ foes and therefore are not fit to serve,” she concluded.

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