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‘They Stepped In a Steaming Pile Of Poo’: Women In Tech Blast CES For Having Ivanka Trump As Keynote Speaker At Consumer Electronic Show

Many women in tech are blasting the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for naming Ivanka Trump one of its keynote speakers at its annual show in Las Vegas.

CES is facing backlash for giving Trump, who has never worked in technology, a prime speaking slot at one of the industry’s largest annual trade shows.

Cindy Chin, CEO of the consultancy CLC Advisors, criticized the decision to make Ivanka a headlining CES speaker by pointing out all the women in the industry who actually know something about technology.

“There needs to be more systematic representation of speakers across the board and not just for keynotes,” she told the publication. “It would be better if the background of the keynote speaker actually fit the industry it is serving and inspirational rather than talking heads and political.”

Programmer Brianna Wu, who is now a Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts, wrote that Ivanka’s CES appearance might make this year’s show even worse than last year’s, which focused primarily on connected toilets.

Here are some of the reactions:

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