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They Voted Trump, Now They’re Lamenting The Deportation Of Their Neighbor

Roberto Beristain lived in the U.S. for nearly 20 years but was deported recently. CBS’s “60 Minutes” held interviews with Beristain’s family and friends.

They all expressed their frustration that someone with no criminal record that had been here so long was separated from his wife and children, all of which are citizens.

Kimberly Glowacki, who resides in the same neighborhood told CBS “it just feels wrong.”

Michelle Craig, who actually voted for Trump, was in shock that Beristain was deported since Trump promised he would only deport dangerous criminals.

“This is not the person he said he would deport,” she said. “The community is better for having someone like” Beristain in it.

According to “60 Minutes” Beristain was the longtime cook and new owner of a restaurant in town, “Eddie’s Steak Shed,” that employs about 20 people.

Beristain also had no criminal records and was able to get a temporary work permit, social security number and driver’s license under the Obama administration.

Some of Trump’s supporters in Granger are now disappointed.

“I voted for him because he said he was going to get rid of the bad hombres — Roberto is a good hombre,” town resident, Dave Keck told “60 Minutes.”

“I mean, he showed up here with just the shirt on his back and he’s a restaurant owner 20 years later .. and he worked his butt off to get there,” added resident Matt Leliaert.

“The only bad thing he’s done is stayed in the United States because he loves this country,” Helen Beristain said of her husband. “That’s his only crime.”

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