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Things Just Got So Bad For Tucker Carlson, His Best Move Would Be To Stay On Permanent ‘Vacation’

Tucker Carlson

Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson has been spreading racist-inspired fake news, and pro-Trump lies for years. Yet, his ratings remain strong, because there is an unfortunate number of deplorable people who are comforted by the fiction he peddles. Fox News will never fire him simply for being a horrible human being. There’s only one thing that can finish him off – and it finally caught up with him.

The right-wing pundit was forced to take an abrupt “pre-planned” vacation after sparking controversy fro disseminating supremacist propaganda on his show.

Unfortunately for Carlson, if you’re a cable news host, you have to keep turning a profit during your hour, or you get canceled, regardless of how high your ratings are. If advertisers are afraid to be associated with you, you’re gone. In that regard, Tucker Carlson just suffered a major blow. Three of them, actually.

It’s bad enough for him that Nestle and Babbel both announced on Thursday that they were pulling their ads from his show. What’s even worse for Carlson is he’s now costing Fox News advertisers around the clock.

On Friday, Long John Silver’s has announced that it’s pulling its ads from all Fox News programs.

Considering the timing, it’s not difficult to parse that Tucker Carlson’s recent rant about white supremacists being a “hoax” was a contributing factor in Long John Silver’s decision.

As we saw in the case of Bill O’Reilly, this is the kind of thing that gets a Fox News host canceled, regardless of ratings.

It’s clear that Tucker Carlson is in free fall, and the best option for him at this point would be to stay “on vacation” …forever.

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