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This Clause Is Making Millions Of Americans LIVID While Helping Trump Make Billions

Donald Trump had a chance to divest from his businesses when he was elected president. He decided to take an alternate route and leave his businesses in a trust run by his two adult sons.

This raises concern of Trump having conflicts of interest. Outside groups have even argued that he should more fully divest from his business interests to prevent possible conflicts of interest.

According to a ProPublica report, Trump can extract money from his business endeavors whenever he choses to. The report states that there was an extra clause added to a trust document in February allows Trump to request funds from the trust.

The clause says that all trustees “shall distribute net income or principal to Donald J. Trump at his request.”

To raise a bigger bar of concern, it does not require any public disclosure of the transactions.

Donald Trump is basically making money out of his presidency and nothing is being done about it.

A spokesperson for the Trump Organization said in a statement to ProPublica that the president believes “multiple layers” were needed for transactions.

“President Trump believed it was important to create multiple layers of approval for major actions and key business decisions,” the spokesperson said.

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