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This Important Fact Will Stop The GOP’s Murkowski Bribe In Its Tracks


This Important Fact Will Stop The GOP’s Murkowski Bribe In Its Tracks

In a desperate attempt to ramp up votes, Republicans bribed Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who voted against the GOP’s healthcare bill in July, by offering her state of Alaska to keep Obamacare if she votes on repealing it for the rest of the country.

There is one thing Republicans forgot to consider when bribing Murkowski. Alaska’s suicide rate is quite high, and passing the Graham-Cassidy bill will make the problem worse.

According to The Hill:

“Under the Graham-Cassidy bill, federal funding for Medicaid expansion would be eliminated and states would receive block grants to use at their discretion. Through this model, states could eliminate the provision that insurers provide ‘essential health benefits.'”

The healthcare benefits include maternity care, emergency services, and behavioral health care — including treatment for mental illness and substance abuse.

Alaska’s suicide rate is the highest in the country. According to multiple researchers, suicide is caused by mental illness and substance abuse, often people suffer from both.

If the new bill were to become law, Alaska will not get the essential health benefits that help people with mental illnesses.

Murkowski has the chance to do what’s right and not take the bribery and vote against a healthcare bill that is not only dangerous for Alaska, it is dangerous for the whole country.

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