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This Might Be The Most Satisfying Takedown Of Ted Cruz You’ve Ever Seen


This Might Be The Most Satisfying Takedown Of Ted Cruz You’ve Ever Seen

Republican Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor on Thursday to blame the Democrats for the government shutdown, despite the fact that it’s Donald Trump’s fault for not getting his border wall funds.

But Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) did not let Cruz have his way and called out the Republican senator for crying “crocodile tears.”

“I seldom rise on this floor to contradict somebody on the other side,” Bennet started. “I have worked very hard over the years to work in a bipartisan way with the presiding officer with my Republican colleagues, but these crocodile tears that the senator from Texas is crying for first responders are too hard for me to take.”

Bennet noted that Cruz was responsible for a government shutdown in 2013 over a health care bill while Colorado was flooding.

“It was under water. People were killed,” Bennet reminded Cruz. “People’s houses were destroyed. Their small businesses were ruined forever. And because of the senator from Texas, this government was shut down for politics. Then he surfed to a second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.”

Bennet said that Cruz was “no help” to the first responders who were not getting paid in Colorado due to the 2013 shutdown.

“This is a joke!” he asserted.

Bennet’s takedown didn’t stop there. Take a look at Bennet’s speech in the video clip below:

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