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This New Pro-Trump Ad Tries To Sway Trump Away From Russia Probe. It’s Ridiculous

Trump supporters, Trump advisers, and anyone in Trump’s circle have done anything they can to deny Donald Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia.

Now, a new video release by pro-Trump group the Great American Alliance, is blasting Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference as rigged.

The Great American Alliance released an ad titled “Witch Hunt,” which stars Conservative Tomi Lahren. The name for the ad came after Trump’s criticism of the investigation, who called it a “witch hunt” multiple times.

The ad opens up with Lahren saying, “What does the Washington establishment’s independent investigation look like?” calling Comey’s leaks to the media about his meetings with Trump a “ploy.”

She then goes on to say that both Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey worked together before saying that four of the lawyers Mueller hired for the investigation donated to the Democratic Party, including to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“One even worked as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation,” she says.

Lahren finishes the ad by saying the independent investigation is “a rigged game.”

“Only in Washington could a rigged game like this be called independent.”

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