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This Offensive Tweet By Michael Reagan Defending O’Reilly Is Truly Revealing


This Offensive Tweet By Michael Reagan Defending O’Reilly Is Truly Revealing

The Republican Party has a problem with women. It’s deep-rooted in misguided religious beliefs and perverted machismo. Their attack on women is well documented, and it’s relentless. The latest offensive remark came from Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan, and it is truly revealing.

Reagan seems to have very strong feelings about sexual harassment ― though he seemingly has no understanding of what sexual harassment is.

Late Thursday night, Reagan posted two tweets, both alluding to Fox News’ termination of Bill O’Reilly after a slew of allegations of workplace sexual harassment were made public.

O’Reilly was fired from the right-wing network after The New York Times reported earlier this month that Fox and O’Reilly had settled five suits ― which included allegations of “verbal abuse, lewd comments, unwanted advances and phone calls in which it sounded as if Mr. O’Reilly was masturbating” ― and paid out a collective $13 million to the accusers.

On Tuesday, another woman came forward, alleging that O’Reilly leered at her and called her “hot chocolate.”

Well, Reagan, a 72-year-old white man, decided that he was an appropriate messenger to let women of color know that being called “hot choclare” by a male superior at the office isn’t sexist, racist harassment ― it’s merely a compliment.


Five minutes later, Reagan decided he had more to say ― this time, about sexual harassment writ large.


“If women are going to wear low-cut dresses that show cleavage don’t be harassed when we men look,” he tweeted.

You read that right, women. If men leer at you, it’s most certainly just a compliment and/or the uncontrollable nature of male sexuality, which you have likely set off with your outfit!

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