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‘This President Is Mentally Unfit’: George Conway Makes Case For Trump’s Removal In Brutal Rebuke


Is Donald Trump mentally fit to continue to operate as the president of the United States of America?

Many believe that the answer to that question is “no,” including the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, George Conway.

On Saturday, Conway retweeted a series of tweets that give evidence as to how Trump is mentally unfit to be president. The tweets detail Trump’s hectic week of insisting that Alabama would be hit by Hurricane Dorian, despite the National Weather Service proving otherwise.

Conway retweeted from @AntiNarcopathyPharmD, a Twitter account specializing in “narcissistic & antisocial personality disorders” to make the case for the president’s removal before it’s too late.

Using Trump’s refusal to admit he was wrong about the hurricane path, the AntiNarcopathy wrote, “Trump is conscienceless. He doesn’t have a normal emotional operating system. He knows he’s defective. This true self is unacceptable to him so he manufacturers and manipulates an idealized self he can live with into being. He represses the true self.”

The next tweet explained, “He will do anything to protect his idealized self and prevent you from learning he’s irreparably defective. His entire survival depends on preserving and protecting the idealized self from exposure. He’s learned to pretend he has humanity by observing others.”

Through seven tweets (which can be seen below) making the case, AntiNarcopathy concluded: “This President is mentally unfit due to personality disorders that make him conscience defective and disconnected from reality and humanity. Many of us warned of his dangerousness in early 2016, long before he was the GOP nominee, let alone the POTUS.”

Take a look at the thread below:

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