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This TV Ad Is Scaring The Bejeezus Out Of House Republicans

Former Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello is running for governor of Virginia this year. He decided to use Thursday’s vote on Republican’s American Health Care Act against them in the ad below.

The ad sends a powerful message to voters, and to Republicans themselves.

Perriello starts the ad by saying “Republicans are trying to do this to affordable health care,” while pointing to an ambulance getting crushed by a compacter.

He goes on to say that he voted for the Affordable Care Act while serving in Congress, and pledges to ensure that “this” — the ambulance being steadily flattened by the compacter — “never happens in Virginia”

The ad personifies just what’s wrong with Republicans healthcare bill. Millions of people will be losing health insurance if the bill becomes a law. People with preexisting conditions will not be covered either.

Take a look at the powerful ad below.

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