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This Was The Most Revealing Moment During Trump’s SOTU Address — Watch:


This Was The Most Revealing Moment During Trump’s SOTU Address — Watch:

During Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, the president made a bold claim about the pillars of American democracy. Notably, First Lady Melania Trump did not seem particularly moved by his sentiment.

“In America, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy are the center of American life,” Trump said during his address. “The motto is: In God we trust.”

Mrs. Trump was “furious” with her husband after the Wall Street Journal reported his lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid porn star Stephanie Clifford (whose stage name is Stormy Daniels) $130,000 in 2016 to hide an affair with the president. The First Lady abruptly canceled a planned trip to Davos and rode separately from the president to the State of the Union.

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CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett even related Melania Trump’s white outfit to female Democratic Senators who protested Trump’s election last year.

“You know, she’s wearing a cream-colored suit there, which I find interesting. Remember last year the female Democratic Senators all wore white,” Bennett noted.

Watch the video below:

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