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This Will Make You Very ANGRY. Trump Will Be Using Taxpayer Money Again This Weekend For…

Donald Trump’s fancy lifestyle is costing Americans huge amounts of money, money that could be used to fund schools or programs that could help children grow and learn so they could have a better future.

It’s been confirmed by the White House on Monday that Trump is set to make his fifth weekend appearance at his Florida resort.

Press secretary Sean Spicer made the announcement Monday but offered no details regarding the purpose of the trip.

This means Trump will be spending his fifth out of the nine weekends he’s been in office at his Florida home.

His visits to “the Southern White House,” as the president once referred to it, regularly involve official business as well as golf outings.

The infuriating part is that he’s using America’s money to live that lifestyle. There’s no need for him to make constant trips to Florida, yet he still does it without a care.

Spicer’s announcement came hours after reports emerged that Trump would also host the Chinese president at the exclusive resort during his visit next month.

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